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  • Lake Macquarie children planting trees

    Lake Macquarie children planting trees

  • Lake Macquarie Tiny Forest community group

    Lake Macquarie Tiny Forest community group

  • Lake Macquarie Tiny Forest location

    Lake Macquarie Tiny Forest location

  • School children part of the planting

    School children part of the planting

Planted: 24 May 2023

Lake Macquarie

Location: Booragul

Be a science superhero and take part in monitoring this forest.

To access all our surveys and instructions on how to take part for this Tiny Forest, click the link to the left or scan the QR code with your mobile (each QR is unique to each forest). Find out more about Tiny Forest research

Welcome to our Tiny Forest

“Local community organisation ReLeaf Lake Mac is planting the first ever Tiny Forest in the Hunter Region, NSW within the Local Government Area of Lake Macquarie. They have teamed up with Earthwatch Australia to help in connecting with the local community to monitor and learn from the forest. The forest will be planted by local primary school students and members of the local community. This forest is also Earthwatch Australia’s first Tiny Forest partnership, and data collected will be significant in determining the success of the Tiny Forest methodology in Australia. The design of this forest uses reclaimed timber edging, an outdoor classroom within the forest containing sandstone seating, and 750 plants that are comprised of 22 native tree and shrub species locally endemic to the region”.

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Planting Information

Volunteer Group, Local Residents, School Children, Earthwatch
24 May 2023
Species Planted in the Forest:Broad-leaved white mahogany(Eucalyptus umbra) | Coffee bush(Breynia oblongifolia) | Common hop bush, Large leaf hop bush(Dodonea triquetra) | Cut-leaf mint-bush, Native thyme(Prostanthera incisa) | Downy chance, Hairy lolly bush, Hairy clairy(Clerodendrum tomentosum) | Elderberry panas, Small basswood(Polyscias sambucifolia) | Forest red gum(Eucalytpus tereticornis) | Forest she-oa(Allocasuarina torulosa) | Hickory wattle(Acacia implexa) | Large mock-olive, Long-leaved-olive(Notelaea longifolia f. longifolia) | Narrow leafed Orange bark(Maytenus silvestris) | Narrow-leaved geebung(Persoonia linearis) | Northern grey ironbark(Eucalyptus siderophloia) | Prickly paperback(Melaleuca styphelioides) | Prickly-leaved paperbark(Melaleuca nodosa) | Rough guinea flower(Hibbertia aspera) | Slender palm lily(Cordyline stricta) | Spotted gum(Corymbia maculata) | Swamp sheoak(Casuarina glauca) | Sweet bursaria(Bursaria spinosa) | White mahogany, White stringybark(Eucalyptus acmenoides) | Yellow pittosporum(Pittosporum revolutum)

Tiny Forest Location:

  • Lake Crescent
  • 2A Five Island Road
  • Booragul
  • Australia
  • GPS: -32.967285,151.60680