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  • Volunteers planting saplings

    Volunteers planting saplings

  • Our new Tiny Forest site

    Our new Tiny Forest site

  • Volunteers planting saplings

    Volunteers planting saplings

Planted: 20 August 2023

Pakapakanthi wetland

Location: Adelaide

Be a science superhero and take part in monitoring this forest.

To access all our surveys and instructions on how to take part for this Tiny Forest, click the link to the left or scan the QR code with your mobile (each QR is unique to each forest). Find out more about Tiny Forest research

Welcome to our Tiny Forest

The Pakapakanthi Tiny Forest was planted on August 20, 2023, by the South East City Residents Association community volunteer group, Green Pakapakanthi. The Tiny Forest is situated on the banks of a wetland built in 2022 in Adelaide’s iconic Park Lands to control flooding during severe weather events. The wetland, which was extensively planted with aquatic plant species is already a haven for aquatic birds. Now, over 420 additional endemic native plants – mainly shrubs and a few sub-canopy trees - have been planted in the Tiny Forest to mimic a small riparian scrub to attract other small birds, butterflies and insects. Green Pakapakanthi has teamed up with Earthwatch Australia to help the local community monitor and learn from the forest.

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Visit our Get Involved page to find out how can you take part in activities at this Tiny Forest and join our Tree Keeper network.

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Planting Information

20 August 2023
Species Planted in the Forest:Australian Blackwood (Acacia melanoxylon ) | Australian Hollyhock (Malva behriana) | Australian Saltbush(Atriplex semibaccata) | Beaked Hakea (Hakea rostrata) | Boobialla(Myoporum montanum ) | Coastal Wattle(Acacia sophorae) | Coastal White Mallee Gum(Eucalyptus diversifolia ) | Common Raspwort(Gonocarpus tetragynus) | Cup Gum(Eucalyptus cosmophylla) | Cushion Bush(Leucophyta brownii) | Cushion Fanflower(Scaevola crassifolia) | Dwarf Sheoak(Allocasuarina pussila) | Gold Dust Wattle(Acacia acinacea) | Golden Wattle(Acacia pycnantha) | Hakea(Hakea carinata) | Heath Tea-Tree(Leptospermum myrsinoides) | Hop Goodenia(Goodenia ovata) | Large-Leafed Bush Pea(Pultenaea daphnoides) | Mallee Honey-Myrtle(Melaleuca brevifolia) | Native Apricot(Pittosporum angustifolium) | Native Pine(Callitris gracilis) | Native Pine / Southern Cyprus(Callitris gracilis) | Native Scurf Pea(Cullen australasia) | Notable Wattle(Acacia notablis) | Paperflower(Thomasia petalocalyx) | River Bottlebrush(Callistemon sieberi) | Ruby Saltbush(Enchylaena tomentosa) | Scarlet Bottlebrush(Callistemon rugulosus) | Silver banksia(Banksia marginata) | Slender Western Rosemary(Westringia eremicola) | Small-leaved Bluebrush(Maireana brevifolia) | Southern Lotus(Lotus australis) | Sticky Boobialla(Myoporum viscosum) | Sticky Hopbush(Dodonaea viscosa) | Sweet bursaria(Bursaria spinosa) | Tangles Linum(Duma florulenta) | Twiggy Daisy Bush(Olearia ramulosa)

Tiny Forest Location:

  • Corner East and South Terrace
  • Adelaide
  • 5000
  • Australia
  • GPS: -34.9357689,138.6188746