• Ponteland Tiny Forest, Copyright Bellway

  • Ponteland Tiny Forest, Copyright Bellway

  • Ponteland Tiny Forest, Copyright Bellway

Planted: 16 March 2022

Ponteland, Newcastle

Location: Ponteland

Take part in Biodiversity Week 21 – 29 May 2022

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Welcome to our Tiny Forest

Ponteland Tiny Forest was planted in partnership with Bellway. The Tiny Forest was planted by a group from Percy Headley Foundation, school children from Ponteland High School and Bellway employees.

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How can I get involved with this forest?

  • Volunteer or become a Tree Keeper – Volunteer to help care for this Tiny Forest with opportunities ranging from surveying to maintaining the forest. Get in touch to take part.
  • Survey this Tiny Forest – Help scientists collect data on the benefits a Tiny Forest can provide, such as how much carbon is captured and the biodiversity of the forest. Get in touch to take part.
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  • Support Tiny Forest – Help support ongoing community engagement and activity at this forest by donating to the project.

Planting Information

Corporate Employees, School Children, Earthwatch
16 March 2022
Species Planted in the Forest: Alder(Alnus glutinosa)  |  Birch, downy(Betula pubescens)  |  Birch, silver(Betula pendula)  |  Blackthorn(Prunus spinosa)  |  Cherry, bird(Prunus padus)  |  Cherry, wild(Prunus avium)  |  Common privet(Ligustrum vulgare)  |  Dog Rose(Rosa canina)  |  Dogwood(Cornus sanguinea)  |  Elm, wych(Ulmus glabra)  |  Hawthorn(Crataegus monogyna)  |  Hazel(Corylus avellana)  |  Holly(Ilex aquifolium)  |  Hornbeam(Carpinus betulus)  |  Lime, small-leaved(Tilia cordata)  |  Rowan(Sorbus aucuparia)  |  Spindle(Euonymus europaea)  |  Wayfaring tree(Viburnum lantana)

Tiny Forest Location:

  • Ponteland
  • United Kingdom
  • GPS: 55.054037, -1.738620

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