Planted: 09 March 2021

Kinmel Bay

Location: Rhyl

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Welcome to our Tiny Forest

The landowner CCBC in November 2020 gave formal planning permission (0/47877 Change of use of land from playing field to 'Tiny Forest'). TKBTC & the lease holding Charity support the KWT funded project which brings natural space into the residential community and aligns with LDP and Wales Gov policy of developing natural outdoor amenity for residents’ wellbeing and that of future generations, biodiversity, active travel, disabled access, etc.

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Planting Information

Volunteer Group, Local Residents
09 March 2021
Species Planted in the Forest:Alder(Alnus glutinosa) | Apple, crab(Malus sylvestris) | Aspen(Populus tremula) | Birch, downy(Betula pubescens) | Birch, silver(Betula pendula) | Blackthorn(Prunus spinosa) | Cherry, bird(Prunus padus) | Cherry, wild(Prunus avium) | Common walnut (Juglans regia) | Dog Rose(Rosa canina) | Dogwood(Cornus sanguinea) | Elder(Sambucus nigra) | Guelder, rose(Viburnum opulus) | Hawthorn(Crataegus monogyna) | Hazel(Corylus avellana) | Holly(Ilex aquifolium) | Hornbeam(Carpinus betulus) | Maple, field(Acer campestre) | Oak, english(Quercus robur) | Oak, sessile(Quercus petraea) | Rowan(Sorbus aucuparia) | Spindle(Euonymus europaea) | Sweet chestnut(Castanea sativa) | Willow, eared(Salix aurita) | Willow, grey(Salix cinerea subsp. Oleifolia)

Tiny Forest Location:

  • St Asaph Ave
  • Kinmel Bay
  • Rhyl
  • LL18 5HA
  • United Kingdom
  • GPS: 53.302289, -3.517093

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